Mad (2023) Movie Review


Mad Movie Review

Movie : Mad
Cast : Narne Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Sri Gouri Priya Reddy, Ananathika Sanilkumar, Gopikaa Udyan, Raghu Babu
Writter And Director : Kalyan Shankar
Producers: Haarika Suryadevara & Sai Soujanya
Presenter : S. Naga Vamsi
Banners : Sithara Entertainments And Fortune Four Cinemas
Music : Bheems Ceciroleo
Editor : Navin Nooli
Fight Master : Karunakar
Release Date : 6 October 2023

Mad, starring Narne Nithin, Ram Nithin, and Sangeeth Shobhan, has created a decent buzz with its promotional material. The film is directed by Kalyan Shankar. We have been to the paid premiers of Mad, and let’s see how the film is.

Story :

MAD is about three happy go lucky guys, Manoj (Ram Nithin), Ashok (Narne Nithin), and Damodhar (Sangeeth Shoban) studying in an engineering college. They kill time by being involved in petty fights in college.

Manoj falls for Shruthi (Gouri Priya), while Jenni (Ananthika) loves Ashok. Damodhar is the kind of guy who isn’t interested in relationships, but things change when a girl named Vennela starts calling him daily. The rest of the film showcases the college experiences of these three friends.

Plus Points :

To begin with, the film stays true to its title and succeeds in delivering slapstick comedy with plenty of one-liners. College dramas are always refreshing to watch, and Mad will surely remind you of your college memories. The characters are relatable and amusing. The focus was on providing non-stop humor, and most of the jokes landed well. A few sequences are superbly designed, and they will bring the hall down.

This wacky ride wouldn’t have been possible without the presence of Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Narne Nithin, and Vishnu Oi. Particularly, Sangeeth Shobhan and Vishnu Oi have hit it out of the park with their impeccable comedy timing. Sangeeth Shobhan’s expressions during the phone conversations are to die for. The young actor will go places if he chooses his films carefully. Ram Nithin looked cool, and he has a very good screen presence. Narne Nithin, too, leaves an impact in his debut. There is a comic touch to his role at the end. The leading ladies, Sri Gouri Priya Reddy, Ananthika Sanilkumar, and Gopika Udyaan, have done their job pretty well

Minus Points :

The songs aren’t that great and affect the flow to an extent. As stated by the makers, this is a madcap entertainer, and those who expect a proper story and emotions would surely be disappointed. The main twist that comes over the end is a bit predictable.

A few cuss words are intentionally placed to cater to the target audience, i.e., youth. However, they may be problematic for some sections of the audience. The fight sequence didn’t fit well into the narrative and seemed over the top. Some scenes will remind us of a few old films.

Technical Aspects :

Though the songs aren’t great, Bheems Ceciroleo did a good job with the background score. The cinematography by Shamdat and Dinesh Krishnan B is neat, and so are the production values. The film is fast-paced, and the editing team did a fine job.

Coming to the director, Kalyan Shankar, he handled the film with panache. As shown in the trailer, the film is filled with tongue-in-cheek humor. The dialogues are well written, and the one-liners work quite well. Despite a thin storyline, the director keeps the audience engaged with the situational humor.

Verdict :

On the whole, Mad delivers what it promises. The film has a good number of fun sequences that are aimed at youth. The situational comedy and one-liners work for the most part. Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Narne Nithin, and Vishnu Oi did an impressive job with their performances.

But as stated earlier, the film has a very thin storyline. Also, one needs to keep the logic aside to enjoy the proceedings.

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