Lingocha (2023) Movie Review


Lingocha Movie Review

Movie Name : Lingoccha / Lingocha
Cast : Rathnam Karthik, Supyarde Singh, Uttej, Thagubothu Ramesh, Kunal Kaushik, Fidha Moughal, Prem Suman, Balveer Singh, Patas Saddam
Director : Anand Bada
Writer : Uday Madineni
Producer : Yadagiri Raju under Srikala Entertainments
Co Producer : Mallesh kanjarla
Executive Producer : AR Shauryaa
Presenter : Blackbox Studios
Editor : Koundinya Nag B And Bada Shashikanth
Release Date : 27 October 2023

C/o Kancherapalem and Narappa fame Karthik Ratnam has now come up with the film Lingocha. Directed by Anand Bada, the movie has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Story :

Set in the Old City of Hyderabad, Lingoccha is about Shiva (Karthik Rathnam) and Noorjahan (Supyardee Singh), who have been head over heels for each other since their childhood. Noorjahan leaves for Dubai suddenly, but Shiva keeps waiting for her. After many years, Noorjahan comes back to India, and again, the couple restarts their love life. But Noorjahan’s brother Anwar (Kunal Kaushik) opposes their love. What challenges the lovebirds go through is the crux of the story.

Plus Points :

Karthik Rathnam is a proven artist, and the young actor impresses once again with Lingoccha. His earnest and natural performance as Shiva is a delight to watch. The scene in the climax where he outbursts emotionally speaks volumes about his talent.

Supyardee Singh is pretty impressive as the female lead. Her expressions and body language are spot-on, and she did complete justice to her role. Supyardee’s chemistry with Karthik Rathnam was too good. A few fun scenes in the first half are passable.

Minus Points :

The biggest drawback of Lingoccha is that it has an age-old story. The lead pair belongs to different religions, and the girl’s parents oppose their love. Of late, there haven’t been many films with novel ideas, and hence, what matters is how those routine stories are narrated. But Lingoccha’s narrative isn’t exciting and is filled with dull scenes.

The first half was just okay, but the whole second half was boring. The conflict point between the hero and heroine isn’t established well, and therefore, the desired impact is missing. In fact, the point chosen was sensible, but that hasn’t been conveyed effectively. Hero’s character goes through a significant transformation in the latter half.

Things are rushed here, and the director could have presented this in a better manner. The pacing gets a tad slow as the film progresses, and the editing team could have done a better job. The intended comedy didn’t land well in many scenes. The heroine’s brother’s character is poorly designed.

Technical Aspects :

Music director Because Raj did a decent job with Lingoccha. The visuals are good, and the Old City has been captured quite well. The editing could have been much better. The production values are fine.

Director Anand Bada picked a routine storyline and narrated it in a boring manner. The conflict point isn’t presented well, and more care regarding this aspect could have done a world of good for the film. Though the ending is decent, one loses interest by then.

Verdict :

On the whole, Lingoccha is a disappointing romantic drama that has an age-old storyline. Lead actors Karthik Rathnam and Supyardee Singh did a pretty good job, but the film doesn’t have an engaging screenplay. The first half offers a few gigs, but the poor second half makes Lingoccha a tiresome watch.

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