Gopichand Bhimaa (2024) Movie Review


Bhimaa Movie Review

Movie Name: Bhimaa
Starring: Gopichand, Priyabhavani Shankar , Malavika Sharma,
Nassar, Naresh, Poorna, Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu,
Mukesh Tiwari, Srinivas Rao, Chammak Chandra
Writer And Director: Harsha
Producer: Radha Mohan
Music : Ravi Basrur
Editor : Thammiraju
Release Date : 8 March 2024

It’s been seemingly forever since Gopichand had a legitimate hit, and the entertainer placed his faith in the activity show Bhimaa. Kannada producer A. Harsha coordinated this film, which highlights Malvika Sharma and Priya Bhavani Shankar as the female leads. The film produced a decent buzz with its trailer and raised a ruckus around town on this favorable Maha Shivarathri day. How about we perceive the way things are.


Bhimaa (Gopichand) is an energetic cop who has a novel style for managing crooks. He turns into an undeniable irritation for Bhavani (Mukesh Tiwari), who applies his command over Mahendragiri. Bhimaa becomes hopelessly enamored with a teacher, Vidya (Malvika Sharma). Vidya has enormous regard for Ravindra Varma (Nassar), who fixes different medical problems through a few restorative leaves. Ravindra Varma asks Bhimaa for some help, which flips around the last’s life. Would could it be that Ravindra Varma asked Bhimaa? How did Bhavani attempt to get away from the anger of Bhimaa? What happened later? You really want to watch the film to know the responses.

Also Focuses:

In the new times, Bhimaa is effectively the massiest pretended by Gopichand. The chief added a couple of characteristics to Bhimaa’s job to give the film an alternate vibe, and Gopichand depicted the perky cop job especially. The entertainer never looked this lively off late, and his macho looks and manly symbol will make the majority go crazy. There is one more aspect to his job, and Gopichand showed decent variety in it, as well.

The film begins a fascinating note with a voice-over making sense of the beginning of Parasuramuni Kshetram. This initial arrangement, which goes on around 15 minutes, will draw our consideration. The span episode ups the ante and makes us anticipate the last part. Malvika Sharma’s job gets more weight during the pre-peak, and the entertainer did well here. Naresh, Mukesh Tiwari, Raghu Babu, and Chammak Chandra are fair in their jobs.

The film arrives at its top in the last thirty minutes. The feelings, strong exchanges, key turn, and gallantry rise scenes are flawlessly introduced here, and because of this, the serious standoff clicks no doubt. The couple of satire minutes including Vennela Kishore and Rohini came out well. The activity arrangements are amazingly imagined. The effective foundation score by Ravi Basrur takes the high-voltage hair-rising scenes to a higher level.

Short Focuses:

After the great initial episode, the film gradually loses its grasp as it pushes ahead. The film hits a barricade once the affection track is presented. It is justifiable that the creators made the film remembering the mass crowd, yet the manner in which the whole love segments are planned is foul and will be awkward for a couple of areas of the crowd.

The principal half is given altogether for the portrayal of Bhimaa, yet the issue is an excess of screen time is taken by the affection track. The primary concern in the film might have been featured in a superior way. It is acquired simply during the midway imprint, and the other key person, in light of whom the entire last part depends, ought to have been given more space.

The exchanges, the heartfelt scenes, and the blood visuals could confine the film’s enticement for a more extensive crowd. The abuse of the volatile style screenplay will create turmoil on occasion as it becomes hard to follow the timetables. Priya Bhavani Shankar got along admirably yet her job doesn’t have profundity.

Specialized Viewpoints:

Nowadays, most movies are having dazzling clear lines of sight, and Bhimaa is the same. Cinematography by Master J. Gowda is first class, and particularly the night arrangements are well displayed from his perspective. The creation values are choice. The tunes are respectable, however Ravi Basrur’s experience score is great. Mass movies like this need to have great activity scenes, and Bhimaa gets its directly in this perspective.

Chief A. Harsha consolidated a dream component in this mass-activity show. The mass scenes and the peak segments are introduced flawlessly. He likewise displayed Gopichand in a strong way, yet the manner in which the adoration track is composed and shown is frustrating. This is the greatest disadvantage of the film, and it will ruin the effect on some degree. As said before, the volatile screenplay is confounding now and again.


Overall, Bhimaa is a massy activity show that has a few respectable minutes in the two parts. Gopichand is hyperactive in the film, and he conveys an extreme presentation. The start, stretch, and last thirty minutes are dealt with well, yet the other segments required better execution. The exhausting adoration track is one perspective that cuts down the film extensively. The center point ought to have been featured more, and the film’s true capacity isn’t used totally. The film will engage the mass crowd than different segments.

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