Eureka 2020 Movie Review


Eureka Movie Review

Along with a few other small films, a movie titled, Eureka has also hit the screens today. Let’s check how it goes.

Story :

Set in the college backdrop, Eureka opens with an annual college fest and showcases a clash between two gangs led by Yuva(Karteek Anand) and Revanth (Munna). After a few face-off episodes, the film enters into a serious mood during the interval point as a crazy twist is revealed. What is that twist? How will it affect the film? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

The interval point is quite unexpected and raises the curiosity for the latter half. A few suspense-filled scenes in the second half are executed in a decent manner. Looks-wise, lead actors Karteek and Munna are good and delivered a decent performance. Especially, Karteek’s makeover with a thick beard is nice and all the elevation scenes on him are handled in a convincing manner.

Female leads Shalini Vadnikatti and Dimple Hayathi are okay in their roles. While Shalini gets a purposeful role, Dimple Hayathi is cute on-screen as Yuva’s girlfriend. Brahmaji as the college lecturer is hilarious as his role evokes good fun. Other actors like Pelli Choopulu fame Ajay and Raghu Babu fit in their roles well.

Minus Points :

Compared to the first half, the second half is far better but has a few illogical scenes like storing a dead body in the college office room. Being a college drama, the film surprisingly has no colorful duets and romantic scenes between the lead pair. This angle should have been elevated well.

As said above, the film enters into the main story only during the interval point. Till then, the proceedings run on a flat note in the first half. Lack of a proper conviction in the conflict point is also a minus for the film.

Technical Aspects :

Actor cum director Karteek Anand should be lauded for handling multiple departments well. His story has a wide span to elaborate but sadly the screenplay is not that effective for this mysterious thriller. Editing work is disappointing as most of the scenes in the first half are ended abruptly. The cinematography by NB Vishwakanth is decent. Artwork by Avinash Kolla is okay in parts. Music by Naresh Kumaran is good as the background score for a few crucial scenes is impressive. Production values for this low budget film are just okay.

Verdict :

On the whole, Eureka is a murder mystery that has a few passable moments in the second half. Just to watch the last few interesting moments, one has to go through a boring, ill paced first half which spoils the mood of the audience and makes this film a below-par watch this weekend.

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